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Dynaflo’s Liquid-Armor to Protect Glass on Devices

According to a recent announcement,

Dynaflo, a leader in Nanotechnology, is excited to release its premier screen protector product, LIQUID-ARMOR.  With one simple application, the revolutionary Nano coating technology creates a scratch-resistant surface for any device with a glass screen including all smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras and more.

“This is the world’s first truly invisible non-film screen protector solution,” says Tony Huang, CEO of Dynaflo.  “We understand the importance of personal electronics so we developed a solution that fuses cutting edge technology with the simplicity of a spray bottle.  It’s two times stronger than traditional screen protectors!”

LIQUID-ARMOR is specially designed with an antistatic and weather-resistant formula so your device will stay protected in most conditions.  Remarkably, it will also repel dust for up to six months.  The solution ensures that the electronics’ screen will stay shiny and fresh with a high gloss finish despite normal wear-and-tear.

The LIQUID-ARMOR formula will not interfere with your phone’s use as it preserves touch screen sensitivity, and the vividness of the display.  Unlike those flimsy plastic film protectors on the market, you will never lose clarity with LIQUID-ARMOR.  The Nano technology guarantees it will remain bubble-free and not crack.

Given the promise of strength and easy application (see below) without bubbles, I had to give this a try. Since I shed a protective skin from my iPhone 4S earlier this spring, and have a son who accepted the hand-me-down 3GS and then dropped it, I am interested to see how this lives up to the promise.

The good news? Application couldn’t be easier. The package came with two, double-sided microfiber cloths (an 8×8 and a smaller travel size) for cleaning as well as application. There are no haze or streaks on the glass. After applying to my son’s 3GS front, I’m honestly not sure there’s anything there: either it’s that good at nanotechnology, or there’s a lot of snake oil in that mister!

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic or molecular scale.  Using Nanotechnology, LIQUID-ARMOR spray smooth’s out the surface of your device filling in every tiny crack and crevice that cannot be seen by the human eye.  This way, the particles (i.e. dust, grease) that come in contact with you screen on a daily basis cannot do any damage since there are no irregularities in your screen to attach to.  The result?  Even the smallest particles will simply slide off your screen due to the molecular structure and density of LIQUID-ARMOR.  This phenomenon is also known as the “Lotus Effect.”

For comparison purposes, I will only coat half of one family iPhone 3GS screen uncoated.  I’ve left my 4S glass uncoatedThere is a slight difference in feel – my uncoated glass feels smoother, but not by much. (Updateafter seeing a hairline scratch on my iPhone 4S, I decided to use LIQUID-ARMOR on it too. Afterward application the scratch was unnoticeable).  Without an uncoated glass to compare, one would never know.

According to the literature, it should last for 6 months, with reapplication after 3 months for continued protection. Applying it to my 9-year-old’s iPhone will give it a tougher field-test, and I’ll report on the results over the next few months.


LIQUID-ARMOR retails for $24.99 MSRP and is available at Target.com, Walmart.com and more.

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  • Brandon

    Maybe I’m just overly skeptical … but that looks like snake oil.

    Can’t wait to see how this works out for you!

    • Jay

      Me too!

  • ????????????

    Zagg hd screen protecter beats this

  • Jay

    “No results for ‘hd screenprotector'” on the Zagg website. Perhaps you meant Invisibleshield HD?

    Regardless – it’s a skin and suffers from the application problem (bubbles, etc.)

    • Lo

      Invisibleshield is made by zagg……..