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Free iPhone 4/4S case from ZooGue

The fine folks over at ZooGue are giving away their regularly priced iPhone 4/4S Social Case Pro for shipping and handling costs only – after using the obvious promotional code FreeZooGueAccessory.

It’s limited to the first 50,000 and the reviews on their site appear favorable, so you’d better hurry and head over to ZooGue to place your order! Actually, after I got a wind of this, there are only 49,998 left that I know of *wink*, giving me the chance to post a review of the case in the future.


Update: This is not an iSource.com giveaway, but an announcement of a free Social Case Pro at ZooGue.

There are also additional products (stylus and screen protector) being offered for free too!

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  • Jonny Bonkers

    I just love the colours… didn’t think the iPhone could get any more stylish?

  • Cool, thanks!

  • Daniele Latini

    Hello ZooGue nice idea! Hope is not too late 🙂 I like the white one, cheers DAN

  • Prabhu

    Cool.. I love to have one.

  • Paul Matthews

    Excellent stuff, very stylish indeed

  • Draper jones


  • Draper jones

    Sweet I would like to have one

  • Micah Kramm

    Love them they look great in those colors

  • Cases for the iphone is very necessary and not only it protects the phone from damage but it also makes the looks of the phone good. And the main thing before buying the cover is that you need to see which cover suits in your hand.

  • Whattup?

    I’d like to get the Apple Green case! 🙂 It’s so “APPLEY” 🙂

    Brittany 🙂

  • I really love there designs. I really want one.

  • Please Please Pretty Please make the iPhone 4/4S case free again 🙂