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Rear Case Surfaces for Next-Generation iPod Touch, Indicates New Form Factor

With the rumor mill frantically pumping out stories regarding the rumored next-generation iPhone and and “iPad mini”, there hasn’t been much talk surrounding Apple’s iPod line of devices. Sure, there has been a rumor here and there regarding a redesigned iPod nano, or the part that surfaced suggesting the new iPod touch will have the same 4-inch screen believed to be making its way into the new iPhone. Overall, not much has surfaced.

Well, GizChina has posted photos of what they claim is a case for the next-generation iPod touch. This case, with a larger, elongated hole for the camera, also suggests that the overall design of the device will be less tapered than the current iPod touch models. The hole for the camera may be enlarged to accommodate a LED flash similar to the one found on the iPhone. The hole could simply be there to accommodate a microphone, as this is the location of the microphone on the current generation iPod touch.

Ipod touch 5 case

Lastly, there is a “mystery hole” located in the lower left corner of this case. Speculation suggests that this is for a microphone or a speaker of sorts, however there has been no additional part leaks to suggests what it might be, so it’s anyone’s guess at this time.

It’s worth noting that case manufactures really have a poor track record when it comes to guessing what Apple’s next-generation designs might entail. For instance, last year many case manufactures fully bought into the idea that the then-new iPhone was going to have a tapered design. Come October the iPhone 4S was released and no such design was introduced. Part leaks are a better indicator of design choices.

Image courtesy of GizChina.com

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