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Television Set Not Likely in Apple’s Immediate Future, Suggests SVP Eddy Cue


Fortune is reporting on a note by Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest. A meeting was held last Wednesday with Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, and SVP of Internet services and Software Eddy Cue. The most noteworthy thing to come from this meeting and subsequent report, is Hargreaves’ belief that an Apple television set seems to be unlikely in the near future.

Hargreaves notes that Cue expressed concerns regarding the current TV market and Apple’s ability to contribute. The company will only jump in if it can fix a problems and create great user experiences. Here Hargreaves claims that Apple could certainly churn out a better user experience, but Apple would not be satisfied to leave it at that, and in turn not jump into this market. That is, until the company could deliver content in a manner that differs from current multichannel pay models (More commonly known as a cable subscription). In short, Apple is looking to create a new user experience, while also having content to back it up.

This is merely speculation, as noted by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune. The SEC would throw a tantrum if either Oppenheimer or Cue released insider information that might effect Apple’s stock. So we’re left with Hargreaves speculation on this matter. It sounds about right to me however, as we’ve seen no part leaks only speculation and rumors of content deals. There is no evidence that such a device exists outside of an Apple lab at this time.

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