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Apple Retail Stores Seeing 27-Inch iMac Shortages

MacRumors is reporting that over the past few months resellers have seen a decreasing supply of 27-inch iMacs. Now they are reporting that two of the standard configurations of the 27-inch iMac are out of stock at about half of Apple’s 249 US Apple Stores, at least as far as the company’s “Personal Pickup” program is concerned.

With the Personal Pickup program, customers can place an order and head over to their local Apple retail stores. This finding is noteworthy because, as a general rule, most everything Apple offers can be picked up immediately when ordered through the program. If something is out of stock, it can be sent to the store and ready for pickup in about a week’s time.

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Some stores are reporting that pickup would be available sometime around September 4-7, and with some as far in the future as September 11th. On the other hand, the 21.5-inch model is available at most all locations. The report further notes that only 7 of Apple’s retail locations were out of the 21.5-inch model, but they will be available in the September 4-7 timeframe.

All of this is worth reporting, because it is widely believed that the Apple is planning to release new iMac’s utilizing Intel’s relatively new Ivy Bridge architecture. Some reports have pegged the release timeframe for these new machines at sometime in October. Retina displays are not expected to make it into the new iMacs, due to technological and manufacturing limitations at this point in time.

It would seem that new iMacs are around the corner as supplies seem to be drying up. This is always a good indication that product refreshes are in the pipeline.

Image courtesy of MacRumors.

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