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New Photos of Next-Generation iPhone Front Panel Shows Slight Increase in Height Over iPhone 4S

Nowhereelse.fr is continuing their coverage of purported next-generation iPhone part leaks with the noting of a handful of new photos and a video of an assembled front panel destined for the new iPhone expected to be released next month. SINOCET, a Chinese part distributor, is the source of these photos and video.

Iphone 2012 4s side by side front panels 500x535

These photos don’t show anything new, but they are of usually good quality, and one photo exemplifies the difference between this new panel and the iPhone 4S’. Specifically, the new panel is somewhat longer than the one used on the iPhone 4/4S. What’s most impressive, is the fact that the designers at Apple managed to significantly increase the length of the device’s screen, without making the entire device that much longer.

The video included in the report also gives a a blow-by-blow of the parts in great detail. Here’s the video:

Personally, I’m still debating as to wether I will pick up one of the new iPhones, or if I will stick with my iPhone 4S. Are you thinking about buying one of the new iPhones when they become available? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Images and video courtesy of SINCOCET.com.

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