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Assemblies and Mockups of Next-Generation iPhone Appear, Compared to iPhone 4S

Let’s start out by taking a look at a post from Sohu (via Nowhereelse.fr) which includes a series of photos of the parts destined to be included in the next-generation iPhone. Of particular note, one photo shows many of the components that have been circulating, assemble into one piece. Parts such as the flex cable housing for the external buttons, the dock connector and headphone jack flex cable, and SIM tray are all in place. The rest of the room in the encasement would be taken up by the logic board and battery, which are not present in this photo.


Iphone 2012 rear partial assembly

Sohu also shows an assembled next-generation iPhone encasement next to the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 3G/GS. One can see that the new design is thinner, and only slightly taller than the iPhone 4.

Iphone 3gs 4 5 sides

While we’re on the subject of hardware, 9to5Mac has posted a photo of what they claim is the logic board that will be used in the next-generation iPhone. This is one of the first photos we’ve seen with the heat shielding removed, and it shows us something new- an A6 chip. This would be a surprising development considering that the new iPad released earlier this year only features an A5X chip, which itself “only” came equipped with better graphics than the A5 found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Iphone 2012 logic board a6 uncropped

Lastly, to tie everything together, The Verge is reporting on a physical mockup that was displayed in the IFA 2012 consumer electronics show in Berlin. This mockup was created by case manufacturers to test case designs for the forthcoming device. The Verge has taken the mockup and compared it to the iPhone 4S in this video:

At this late date in the game, we are seeing very similar, if not exact duplicates of components reportedly destined for the next-generation iPhone cropping up all over the place. This, in juncture with the mockups and speculation, suggest that this is indeed what the new iPhone will look like. It is widely expected that this new iPhone will be introduced next week, on September 12th with orders shipping later this month. We’ll keep you posted.

Images courtesy of Sohu and 9to5Mac. Video courtesy of The Verge.

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