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Quick Tip: Install Pearltrees Bookmarklet on iPhone

After my recent accolades on Pearltrees service, I received a comment from a frequent Pearltrees user asking about installing the Bookmarklet to iOS Safari on his iPhone. By following the directions given on the iPad, I was successful at this and want to share.

If you use Pearlrees either as a web service or on the iPad, you will see a button entitled “Pearler”. According to the FAQs, here’s what that does:

• What is the pearler?

The pearler is an extension that allows you to easily and quickly collect web pages directly from your browser.

When you like a web page, click on the pearler to chose directly where you’d like to place the link within your library: in your drop-zone, in an existing pearltree or in a brand new pearltree you’ve just created for your new pearl.

The pearler is available for every browser. For Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer, the pearler is an extension that is perfectly integrated into your browser. For other browsers you can use the Pearltrees bookmarklet. Simply place the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar. If you are using an iOS app, the pearler is also a bookmarklet that is placed in your Safari bookmarks bar.

• How do I install the pearler?

To install the pearler, click on the « pearler » button and then follow the instructions. If you receive a warning message from your browser you can disregard it, the pearler is absolutely safe!

Enough of the teasing, here’s what to do on an iPad (and hence iPhone).




Then follow the instructions on the right side of the image below to set up a bookmark

(recognize that the iPhone Safari bookmark button is at the bottom and not adjacent to the browser address bar as it is pictured on the iPad):


Then alter the location of the newly created bookmark as directed (recall again that the Bookmark button is at the bottom of the iPhone Safari screen):


In that the last step, “the code is in your clipboard” isn’t available, so instead download the text from here, then copy and paste in the new cleared bookmark field.

(The code is also below, but due to text wrap, copying and pasting directly from here to the iPhone’s bookmark field isn’t always successful.)



And there you have it!


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