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Leaked Training Doc Shows Sprint iPhone 5 Not Launching Until October 15th

We’ve already heard rumors that the iPhone 5 would launch on October 15th and now one of our trusted tipsters has just dropped some further evidence in our lap. We’ve got our hands on a Sprint Training Manual that suggests in-store support for the iPhone 5 (a name that was all-but-confirmed by Apple earlier this week) will begin on 10/15/2012. The reasoning here is that if you have in-store support available, chances are that you’ll have the product in-store (otherwise there is nothing to support).

Speculation from another source was a potential October 14th launch: Sprint has formerly launched devices on the same day training concluded. This was true for the launch of the Motorola Photon Q and the Samsung Galaxy S3. With the leaked document indicating training for the iPhone ends on October 14th, it seems plausible that the new iPhone launches that same day. After all, Sprint’s device launches have historically been tied to Sundays, and October 14th is a Sunday. That being said, we would still flip a coin if pushed to pick an October 14th/15th launch guess.

Previously predicted Verizon and AT&T launches on September 21st could still hold true as this leaked date is more specifically geared towards a Sprint launch.

Apple is more strict in their handling and control of mobile carrier partnerships, so in the end they’ll dictate the launch date themselves. Dates can change and flex based on a number of wide ranging circumstances, so don’t go taking the day off from work on October 15th just yet. Consider this as pretty good confirmation that the iPhone 5 will be launching on Sprint right around October 15th, which will make a lot of you some very happy campers.

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UPDATE #1: Many people of suggested an October 15th date would be awkward given its large length of time from announcement. We might be looking at an exclusive period at launch for Verizon and/or AT&T or perhaps a delayed launch for some 3rd parties. We’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE #2: The same document reveals Sprint does not currently have plans to launch a Windows Phone.

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  • Bryan

    I don’t see apple announcing it on the 12th then releasing it over a month later. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. I like the September 21st rumor better.

  • Michael

    Why a month after? Isn’t it like Apple to release the product a few weeks after they announce it? A little more than a month doesn’t make sense to me.

  • this confirms nothing. if you look at the article all the training starts 9-6. So….

  • Agreed… Some little training schedule doesn’t prove anything other than a phone carrier providing adequate time to train their employees on the BIGGEST launch of the year. More than likely it end up being a web based pencil whipped training to comply with Apple’s demands. Companies take new Apple products very serious and know the consumer has options where to get them. Don’t believe this lame excuse for a legit rumor. The new iPhone will be out in stores well before the end of September.

    Side note: Hey did you know a new Nokia phone was launched today? Yeah, I don’t care either… LONG LIVE iOS!

  • Elvis

    Is it possible that AT&T and Verizon will get the iPhone 5 before sprint?

    • Gamercore

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • fail

    sorry but this means nothing.

  • 21st is unlikely as Developers need more time to prepare products.

    It would be insulting to give nine days, most app review times are longer than that since the change to exclude weekends from standard review timing.

    They’ll give Developers device specific data on the 12th, earliest likely release date would be the 28th.

  • bigd

    what this is saying is that sprint will now repair iphones along with apple stores…the training seen here gives info as to how the diagnostics are going to be ran and such

  • MacDude72

    So much for the stories about Sprint getting an exclusive deal on iPhone 5 that were all over the place last October.

  • Chris Wise

    Not once in that flyer does it say the iPhone is going to be released on 10/15. The doc only states that Sprint will offer better Apple support in-store starting 10/15. They suck at supporting Apple related issue currently with the iPhone and this is going to make it better (ha I doubt it). The reasoning here is that if you have in-store support available, chances are that you’ll have the product in-store (otherwise there is nothing to support)? The iPhone is already in Sprint stores.

  • Kris

    for one thing i believe that this october 14th release is not true because if apple was requiring such training for sprint why is it that all other carriers are gonna start selling earlier……also that training is not required by apple….apple employees dont even train that hard for the iPhone…..i worked at apple for almost a year and ever since the 4S there is no such training so whoever made this just wants to bust your bubble…..i am no longer working at apple because i am now a developer and its contradicting so being a developer they give you things early such as the final iOS6 earlier then everyone else so that is a sign that it will be coming out within 2 weeks….i say if i was gonna guess on release announcement will be tomorrow on the 12th and pre orders will be available right after announcement and will hit store shelves on friday the 21st next week like usual……hit me up if anyone has questions