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Next-Generation iPhone Battery Compared to Battery in iPhone 4S

More and more parts are leaking ahead of the expected launch of the next-generation iPhone at next week’s scheduled media event. Well, iResQ has now posted photos of the next-generation iPhone’s rear shell and associated battery. They also compare this new battery to the battery built into the iPhone 4S.

As shown in the photos, the new iPhone’s battery runs at 3.8 volts, and an increase to 5.45 watt-hours, which suggests new chemistry or some other black magic is at work, because the iPhone 4S’ battery is only rated at 3.7-volt and 5.3 watt-hours.

Iresq iphone 5 battery shell

When compared to the iPhone 4S battery, the new battery is slightly longer, but the thickness appears to be about the same, even though the new iPhone will be thinner.

Iresq iphone 5 4S batteries

It would seem that we’re witnessing another marvel of modern engineering and design. I’m not saying that other companies couldn’t or wouldn’t take such care in battery technology. In fact, I’m sure others do but Apple seems to take pride in it, and that’s something.

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  • Just for fun:


    Why do you need a new adaptor for old dock connectors as reported? Won’t the new phone come with a charger?

    Why is the connector smaller in the 1st place? Why bother with so much more room in the new shell?

    Everything is Wireless now except charging, right? The adaptor won’t fit in existing dock-style accessories, so what’s the point of an adaptor? Save your old car charger? Really? How can Apple predict they’ll sell so many adaptors, as reported, which so few really should need? Why buy an adaptor unless you plan to use an old charger in addition to the charger that comes with the new Device? Only if you want two or more chargers, right?

    Two seemingly unrelated questions: why is the phone so much larger than the extra screen size requires? Why did Nokia botch their announcement going early before they had a release date?

    Guess what, all these questions are answered by one simple feature:

    The iPhone 5 will be a 100% wireless Device with wireless charging.

    The smaller dock is for service and recovery access; no cable included in box.

    • JR

      I’m not totally buying that, but I really like the idea.
      Not quite sure how they pull-off wireless charging for the masses.
      However you could be spot-on.