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Apple to Cease Sales of iPhone 3GS with Introduction of Next-Generation iPhone?


The Telegraph is reporting that Apple will likely finally drop the iPhone 3GS form it’s product lineup once the next-generation iPhone is introduced next week. The iPhone 4 will then likely take the 3GS’ place as the free on-contract device. The report then suggests that the company will move the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4’s current location as the $99 model. This new iPhone 4S would come in an 8GB capacity.┬áThe report goes on to note that the new iPhone is expected to come in three storage capacities, which will likely be the same 16/32/64GB capacities as found in the iPhone 4S.

This prediction hardly seems like a stretch. It seems likely that Apple will move all the models down a tier. With the iPhone 4, the first phone to be offered on more than one carrier here in the United States, now being a free on-contract device for all carriers, compared to the 3GS being a free device only for AT&T customers.

The iPhone 3GS would be sorely missed in Apple’s emerging markets such as China, where the device is offered contract-free and for 2888 yuan ($455). If Apple were to continue selling this device, even after the next-generation iPhone is introduced, it wouldn’t a surprise if the cost of the device dropped even further, allowing the iPhone brand to make its way into even more markets. I can see Apple keeping the iPhone 3GS around in emerging markets precisely for that reason- to gain market share.

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  • Gonza

    Why is this such a surprise, or are once again pissing all over ourselves like an excited dog every time Apple makes any kind of an iPhone announcement?

    Exactly how long would you expect a manufacturer to keep making a device 3 generations old? It’s just pretty basic common sense to expect that it would be dropped from the lineup, actually surprising that its still even on there, unless they have a surplus to get rid of.

    But I guess the fanboys need something to rant about until the actual release of the next unimpressive iPhone arrives.