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Twitter in Turmoil: Report Claims Twitter to Drop Support for Official Mac Client

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MG Siegler, one of the ever-well-connected tech journalists has posted a tweet claiming that he has heard that Twitter will be dropping support for the official Twitter client on the Mac. This decision will likely further inflame the currently tense Twitter-developer relations.

Twitter as a company recently made changes to it’s API agreements, which ultimately make it more difficult for third party developers to make Twitter clients. It seems Twitter is taking its own advice and retiring their standalone client in favor of a more web-centric experience. This of course, stems from Twitter’s attempts to monazite the service by selling “promoted tweets” (ads) which can only be viewed from Twitter.com.

In short, if Twitter plans to make money by selling ad space, the company can’t very well have their users receiving their tweet stream in a client app where no ads from the service are displayed. To solve this, they are slowly killing clients of any kind, even their own. Twitter’s own client started life as Tweetie and has slowly withered ever since being acquired by Twitter.

This news ins’t overtly Apple-related, but Twitter and Apple have become intertwined as of late. Apple now offers Twitter integration in both iOS and OS X, and Twitter only offers an official desktop client for the Mac (there is no official Twitter client for Windows). It seems Twitter is determined to drive ad viewership, and explains why iOS and OS X integration only offers the ability for users to post to the service, and at times directs users to Twitter.com.

Undoubtedly, Twitter is receiving some sort of revenue from this arrangement and Apple’s platforms are benefiting from being tied into a popular service.

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