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Dropbox drops Public Folder

A little over a month ago, the favorite synching service, Dropbox, dropped their service from sharing the files in the dedicated folder “Public.” If you haven’t noticed it’s because you’re already a user. According to our friends at TheNextWeb,

Announced in an email to Dropbox-registered developers, the company said that as a result of a recent change to its service that allowed users to share links to files and folders from anywhere within their account, it would be dropping the Public folder from any new account.

Nearly a year ago (November 2011) I shared a way to bypass the limitation of sharing files that weren’t in a Public folder by using the iPhone app. Now that any file in your Dropbox folder is “shareable” there really isn’t a need to have a dedicated folder to share files.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to get a link to share files in either Windows or Mac OS, right click any file in your Dropbox folder, scroll to the “Dropbox” popup menu, and select “Get Link.”

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