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Artwork Goes Up at Yerba Buena, Hints at Longer iPhone Display


Over the weekend, reports began to surface noting that, as usual, Apple has posted artwork on the front facade of the Yerba Buena center ahead of their media event scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th. Also in line with tradition, Apple enthusiasts everywhere began to decipher any hidden meaning in the artwork. What they found this year, is intriguing and seemingly backs up the rumors surrounding the next-generation iPhone.

As shown on MacRumors, it was discovered that color streaks that make up the banner are actually iOS icons that have been stretched vertically. After the image was shrunk and skewed some iOS icons became visible. Some of the icons that can be clearly seen in this banner include icons for : the App Store, iTunes, Game Center and the Music app. Here is an image posted by MacRumors (via one of their forum members named “roosternugget“) that shows which icons are presented in the banner:


Perhaps this is merely in my head, but it seems that Apple has been putting clues into their invitations and banners more and more over the past few years. Not long ago, it seemed that finding meaning in Apple invitations only proved technological schizophrenia on the part of the discoverer. Now, it seems to be a real thing. For instance, last year’s invitation for the iPhone event (overtly) told us exactly what to expect: one iPhone, on October 4th, at 10AM Pacific, at Apple HQ in Cupertino. This year, the banners seem to confirm that a new iPhone with a longer, 4-inch display, will indeed be introduced as expected.

Top image courtesy of Luis Gutierrez [iTunes Link]. Lower image courtesy of MacRumors, and MacRumors forum member “roosternugget”. Story courtesy of MacRumors.

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