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Next-Generation iPhone Will Have “Global LTE” Capabilities

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The Wall Street Journal reported late last week that the next-generation iPhone, expected to be released on Wednesday, will support 4G LTE networks from around the world. This functionality may not be available on all carriers, however.

This won’t be Apple’s first venture into the 4G device market, as the current, third-generation iPad supports 4G LTE networks, though only here in the United States. In fact, Apple got in a bit of trouble for advertising 4G compatibility in other countries, and not being able to back up that promise.

It had been speculated as to whether Apple could manage to squeeze 4G technology into the new iPhone in time for it’s launch. Reports originating as early as last year suggested that suitable Qualcomm chips wouldn’t be ready until now. That rumor has seemingly panned out, and Apple will be able to introduce a 4G device that can be used not just here in the States but the whole world over on 4G networks.

Earlier this year I and others expressed concern regarding Apple’s ability to shoehorn 4G technology into a form factor as small as the iPhone. It seems that the appropriate chips have made it to market and the size and capacity of the battery has also been increased to power the new hardware.

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