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Report Claims iMac Update “Imminent”

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Clayton Morris of FoxNews.com is reporting that Apple is prepping an “imminent” update to the company’s iMac line of computers. Not helping the situation, the report does not offer a specific timeline as to when we might see the release.

Just last week it was noted that stock of the 27-inch iMac has been drying up at Apple’s retail stores. Plus, several past reports have pegged the update timeframe for September or October.

Morris has an iffy track record when it comes to predicting Apple’s movements. However, with several reports pointing to the same timeframe, and stock of the line dissipating, it’s a safe conclusion that an update is indeed imminent.

As other reports have noted, these new machines will likely adopt Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge architecture, and see other benchmark improvements. However, Retina displays are not expected to make their way to the iMac line for some time due to manufacturing difficulties and the expense of making such a pixel-dense screen at the sizes needed for the iMac.

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