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Recommended: A Cautionary Tale About iCloud

iCloud Folder

If you’ve ever even for a moment thought about messing with the iCloud folder, especially moving or renaming it, here’s some very good advice: Don’t. Or, as TJ Luoma of TUAW puts it far better:

“Do not move your iCloud folder. Do not touch your iCloud folder. Consider it the digital equivalent of a hand-grenade which has had the pin pulled and which is resting safely on its handle.”

Luoma recently did an excellent cautionary tale piece about this subject, and unfortunately he was speaking from painful first-hand experience. I can absolutely relate to his initial motivation for messing with the iCloud folder – he didn’t fully trust iCloud and didn’t feel as comfortable with it as with Dropbox. I have felt exactly the same since iCloud was first announced – and still do  not fully trust iCloud and rely on Dropbox far more.

Luoma decided to move his iCloud folder, and it lead to fairly disastrous results. His detailed account of what he did and the results of his action is well worth a read. Check it out here: http://www.tuaw.com/2012/08/22/a-cautionary-tale-do-not-move-or-rename-your-icloud-folder/

Be safe out there iCloud users.

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  • John Keller

    Idiot! Try doing the same with a .dll, lib or any other system file on a computer and write about the results. Weak premise folks.