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Apple improves stock earphones with new EarPods

Source: Endgadget.com

I was never a fan of Apple’s stock headphones. Each time I would open a new iPod/iPhone package, I’d always chuck em on ebay or give them away. I could never imagine using them. They hurt my ears after a few minutes of wear; I found the audio output thin and without depth. My earphones of choice are always of the in-ear, noise-cancelling variety, with plenty of bass dimension.

Now Apple has turned its attention to the ears of their millions and millions of users (perhaps in response to their desperate cries?) and have launched their new creation on the earphone front: the EarPod. They made their debut today on stage at Apple’s traditional fall product launch event, alongside new iPod and iPhone models.

Apple claims to have invested many many hours of testing and research (using presumably many thousands of ears) to perfect their new version of a “just right” fit and sound. I don’t know about you but this seems to me to implicitly admit that their other earphones were evidently less than perfect. Fair enough. Better late than never.

The new EarPods are definitely a step up in the design department: sleek and almost alien-like. Audio quality is said to be much improved, and these buds are designed to stay in your ears, no matter what size and shape they may be. We’ll see. The earbuds also feature a mic and remote and will do their best to protect the wearer from sweat and water.

Here’s to hoping that these earbuds will deliver on their promises and make audio for iDevice users more comfortable and enjoyable.

Apple’s new EarPods will be shipped with the new iPhone 5 models, as well as the models of the iPod family at no extra cost. They will also be sold separately for $29. Available from today.




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