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Apple Introduces New “Lightning” Dock Connector for iPhone 5

As someone who owns a number of spare batteries, retractable cables, and docks, I’m still excited to hear from The Verge about the new “Lightning” dock connector. It’s 80% smaller than before, it fits into the device no matter how you plug it in, and I’m hoping the all-digital interface means that it has faster transfer rates to boot (but we’ll need to confirm this later when we have more details).

For those concerned about car adapters and cables, Apple will sell a (clunky) 30-pin to Lightning adapter – though I’m not sure how much this will help with speaker docks, if at all. I see it this way: the 2003 30-pin cable was just a little too clunky and a little too thick…and change had to happen at some point. Here’s hoping that Lightning proves more popular and ubiquitous than Thunderbolt.

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