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More Details on the new iPod Touch: 1136×640 Display, A5 Chip, Panorama Photo Mode?

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Will Strafach, an iOS developer, posted a series of tweets (via MacRumors) outlining some of the new features expected to be announced alongside new iPod touch (and iPhone) hardware later today. First, Strafach posted and later deleted (due to what he felt was a redundancy of information) a tweet mentioning that a panorama camera mode was coming to the new iPhone and iPod touch. Also worth noting, is the fact that this feature has been hidden in iOS 5 for some time, and that Jailbroken phones can access the feature.

Strafach continued, and noted that the updated iPod touch will have the same 1136×640 display that is expected to make its way into the next-generation iPhone. He also noted that the new iPod touch has an internal code name of N78AP and that the device will use the S5L8942X processor- the same die-shrunk 32-nanometer A5 chip found in currently shipping iPad 2s and third-generation Apple TVs.

It seems that there will be quite a product shake up, at least in regards to iPods, announced later today. Other outlets have been reporting that the new iPod touch line may be split between a current-sized model with an A4 chip, and another model with a longer screen and a more powerful A5 chip. This would likely help to push the entry-level price of the iPod touch even further downward. It also sounds like a significant revision is coming to the iPod nano line as well.

We’ll keep you posted with all the latest details here at iSource, so check back often. 

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