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New iPhone 5 & Full iPhone Lineup Pricing Looks Good

iPhone Lineup Pricing

Apple’s iPhone 5 and Friends event today was chock full of details on technical specs and key features for a number of shiny new iOS devices. It was also full of specific release dates and prices for new products – something that somebody / anybody over at Microsoft might want to make note of.

One thing that every other smartphone manufacturer is sure to take note of is the impressive price points for the full new iPhone lineup. They are as follows, just in case you can’t see the slideshow screencap (courtesy of the Gdgt liveblog):

The new iPhone 5: starts at $199 (for the 16GB model)

iPhone 4S: $99 (16GB model)

iPhone 4: Free (8GB)

All three require a new 2 year contract of course.

This sort of pricing should keep the enormous iPhone sales and profits gravy train rolling along nicely. The iPhone 4 for free (replacing the 3GS) is especially is a killer offer – as it is still a pretty terrific and powerful phone. Having it available for free should draw in plenty of new users who haven’t yet tried the iPhone.

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