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Totally Revamped iPod Touch, New Colors, GPS, and Camera Improvement To Be Announced Later Today?

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Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities (via MacRumors), is reporting that the updated iPod touch to be released later today will be one of the biggest updates the line has seen. He suggests there will be new colors, a 4-inch screen, GPS, camera improvements, and more. Here’s the complete list:

New Colors: Kuo expects there to be several new colors added to the line in addition to the standard white and black models that have been offered for awhile. These new colors (I think may look tacky) will be an effort to entice younger buyers.*

Larger Display, Thinner Body: The new iPod touch is expected to have a 4-inch screen, the same as what is expected to be introduced in the new iPhone. Kuo also expects the display to have in-cell technology, to reduce overall thickness of the device.

GPS: Kuo expects that the new iPod will have GPS, to better show off Apple’s new Map service.

Camera Improvements: 5-megapixel camera on the back, FaceTime HD camera in the front.

A5 Chip: Just like an earlier report claimed, Kuo believes the new iPod touch will utilize a 32-nanometer die-shrunk A5 chip. The iPhone 5 is expected to use an A6 chip.

Smaller Dock Connector: The entirety of Apple’s new iOS lineup is expected to utilize a new, smaller dock connector.

Cross-Device Compatibility: The new iPod touch could increase connectivity between iPad and Mac, to be used as a controller or other similar uses.

Deviating from other rumors, Kuo believes Apple will be discontinuing the current-generation iPod touch, and Apple will be focusing on the new features of the new iPod touch and iPhone.

*I think Apple is going after the Nintendo DS market by offering colors. Kids like colors. 

Report courtesy of MacRumors.

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