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Where to Follow Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Live Today

iPhone 5 Event

Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement event will be kicking off in just a little over an hour – at 12:00PM US Central. There are a number of sites that will be live blogging it from at the event. Here are my three favorites for today’s coverage:

Gdgt – Ryan Block and co always provide some rapid-fire and insightful analysis at these Apple events.

Engadget – These guys have been doing liveblogs of major Apple events for as long as anybody, and they do them very well.

The Verge: More good coverage from another of the big tech sites.

MacRumors: Looks like they don’t have their own live blog this time, but will be posting details from multiple live sources.

Apple are not providing a live video stream of the event, but by the end of the day they normally provide a video of the full event at the apple.com site.

And of course we’ll be updating you throughout today with our thoughts on the new iPhone 5 and whatever else Apple unveils.

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