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iPhone 5 Pre-Order Ship Dates Slip to Two Weeks [Updated]

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Not long after the iPhone 5 became available for pre-order shipping estimates for the new device have slipped to two weeks. The countries affected are: US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia. This means customers may finally receive their iPhone 5 that they order today, more than two weeks later.

On the other side, carriers, at least here in the US, are still showing arrival dates of September 21st. Then again, this may not reflect their current inventory levels.

There is one more option for customers hoping to get their hands on the device on launch day. Apple’s retail locations will be opening at 8AM local time, and it’s a safe bet that Sprint, Verizon and AT&T stores will also have stock on hand as well.

As a point of reference, the iPhone 4S sold out of pre-order stock in less than a day. I suspect the iPhone 5 will sell out even quicker.

[UPDATED] AT&T’s site is now quoting a 14-21 day shipping estimate. Verizon is claiming new pre-orders will ship on September 26th.

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