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iPhone 5 Handles Javascript Twice as Fast as iPhone 4S

AnandTech has published results from the SunSpider Javascript benchmarking tool with testing done on the iPhone 5. What they found is a pleasant surprise. They found that the iPhone 5 ran through the test with a score of 914.7ms, which is better than any other device on the list. Here is that list:


This is the fastest SunSpider test they have recorded for a smartphone. In fact, the iPhone 5 is nearly two and half times faster when it comes to Javascript performance than the iPhone 4S it replaces. As for Apple’s closest competition, the iPhone 5 beats out the Samsung Galaxy S III which scores 1442.9 – 1824.9ms.

Javascript is often used to measure browser performance, because it is heavily intertwined into many web technologies. Javascript performance can be based on processor speeds and the specific implementation of Javascript the device is using. There might be a better implementation built into iOS 6. AnandTech believes this performance boost comes from Apple’s A6 memory subsystem.

Chart and report courtesy of AnandTech.

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