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Sprint Claims East Coast iPhone 5 Inventories Are “Seriously Constrained”, Other Retailers Also Short on Supply


AllThingsD has received a statement from Sprint which claims that the company’s retail stores on the east coast have nearly sold out of iPhone 5 inventory. The iPhone 5 has been selling very well at most all locations.

Other third-party retailers are finding themselves in a pinch as well, as they too are experiencing supply constraints. This is due to a lack of supply coming in from Apple. A report from MacRumors claims that one of their readers received an email from Best Buy notifying them that their iPhone 5 order would not arrive today, and may not arrive for another 28 days.

The same MacRumors report notes that Sam’s Club (the Walmart owned version of Costco) is also seeing inventory shortages. Deliveries are not expected for another 7 to 10 days. Walmart is also claiming that their stocks have not come in at this time.

Apple’s supplies are severely constrained, and they are saving what is left for themselves it seems. Which, makes sense. Apple needs inventory for their own retail outlets, third-party retailers be damned. We’ll see how long it takes for Apple to manufacture their way out of this corner, and what happens on the 28th when Apple is set to release the device in 22 new countries. I don’t think they’re going to make it in time.

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  • Larry

    I’ve ordered 3 iPhone 5’s from Best Buy on the 12th and not received a single phone! If apple dosent get supplies out soon I will be getting 3 galaxy 3S’s I’ve had iPhones for years but when you go out of your way to pre order things and ten are left I the dark as to when you might see them It leaves a bad taste in your mouth so it might be time to change from a fruit ( Apple ) to a candy ( Jelly Bean )