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Review: ZooGue’s New iPad Leather Case Genius Pro

When I took ZooGue’s Case Genius Pro out of the box, I had an immediate sense that this product was going to be an enjoyable experience both for me and the new iPad I intended to slip inside. And after a few weeks of use, my impressions were actually too low – ZooGue has crafted a superior case for the iPad 2 and new iPad, and the company is living up to its “King of Innovation” motto.

The exterior and iPad holding frame of the Case Genius Pro is made from durable leather solidly stitched to to a soft, suede-like, microfiber interior. Immediately noticeable are two key features on the back of the case that reflect innovation in design: the large elastic strap and the large hinged stand that is velcroed down.

The Strap

The adjustable elastic strap serves at least two purposes. First, it reminds me of my first iPad 1 cases by Marware in which the strap can be used to secure the case to your hand by slipping your hand behind it. This convenient, one-handed use of an iPad is desirable to many. Second, the strap also has the high-quality hook & loop (Velcro) on it so it can be opened to adjust the strap tightness to attach the case and iPad to a vertical surface such as a car headrest, ladder, chair back, etc. In my tests, the strap held up well and I didn’t feel as if the iPad was at risk.


The Stand

To make the iPad adjust to nearly any angle, the integrated stand is the highlight of the Case Genius Pro. At the feet of the hinged stand is the same previously mentioned heavy-duty rigid hook Velcro. The feet then can rest on the folded front of the cover where two strips of firm, but not scratchy, loop Velcro. This is where the case truly shines. The design lets you adjust the iPad to any angle from approximately 20 to nearly a vertical 90 degrees – no notches, no prescribed angle. If the glare is too much, pull the Velcro apart an readjust. Cross your legs when it’s on your lap? Make a minor adjustment to the angle with ease.


Additional features

Other noticeable mentions include the magnetic cover that powers off the iPad (like a Smart Cover), and full access to iPads buttons, camera, inputs, and speaker. As ZooGue’s website describes, here are the highlights:


  • Cover Sleep & Wake Function
  • Special Velcro Guards
  • Hand Made With Genuine Leather
  • Access to All Ports, Buttons & Cameras
  • Adjustable to Any Angle Securely
  • Secure Hand/Wrist Strap
  • Dimensions 10 1/8″ x 7 7/8″ x 1″
  • Edge/Border Around the iPad Provides Corner Drop Protection
  • Edge/Border Enhances The Speaker Volume
  • Ultra Fine Micro Fiber Interior
  • Secure Magnet Closure (Keeps The Case Securely Closed)


I love, love, love this case! If I am operating without bluetooth keyboard on my iPad, I see no need to remove this case. Its refined look and feel makes the iPad a protected and classy single-use device that many people want. The Case Genius Pro adds protection and style (dare I say “innovation?”) to the iPad 2 and new iPad.

Case Genius Pro is available for $49.99 with an advertised 30 Day Risk-Free trial at ZooGue’s website.


Case Genius Pro was provided by the MaxBorges Agency and ZooGue for review at iSource.com. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see our “About” page.


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