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Apple Launches Four New Ads Touting iPhone 5

Over the weekend, and coinciding with the iPhone 5 launch, Apple began running television ads showing off the iPhone 5. These ads outline features of the new phone and iOS and are voiced by Jeff Daniels.

The first ad outlines Apple’s new EarPods, and how they are shaped to fit the ear. Here is that ad:

The next ad shows off the iPhone 5’s new 4-inch screen, and is the perfect size for your thumb. Here’s the video:

The third ad demonstrates iOS 6’s new Panorama camera mode. It’s a cute ad. Video:

The final ad shows off the iPhone 5’s new size, and how it is thinner and lighter while offering new features such as the larger screen. Here is that video:

The first time I saw these ads, I though Apple had missed the boat, much like they did with the recent, ill-fated Genius ads. Then I saw them a second time, and it reminded me of my childhood. Specifically, the old Mac ads that were voiced by Jeff Goldblum. There is a certain, non-condescending whimsy at play here.

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