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Apple Seeking Out Ex-Google Maps Employees

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TechCrunch is reporting that Apple is actively seeking out former and current Google employees that have worked on Google Maps. This is undoubtedly an effort on Apple’s part to help prop up their new, fledgeling Maps app that is built into iOS 6.

Apple’s new Maps service launched with iOS 6 last Wednesday, and has come under fire from many outlets for being, well, pretty bad. The 3D imaging looks weird in some places, while other locations don’t even show up on the map, or in the incorrect locations. Apple, over the past few weeks, has posted several openings for map-related jobs. So, Apple is undoubtedly scrambling to rectify this (hilarious) situation.

The more I think about this, the messier it seems. Apple was likely forced to use their new mapping service in place of Google Maps due to licensing. I would wager that Apple and Google agreed to drop their agreement for Google Maps usage, and Apple thought they would have their mapping service built out in time. So, when production began to slip, and quality wasn’t up to par, Apple was stuck and had to ship their Maps anyway. This is the only way I can see Apple shipping such a turd. Just a guess on my part though.

Lastly, there was a rumor circulating that Google had submitted their own, native iOS Maps  app to the App Store. Since that rumor surfaced, the ever-well-informed Jim Dalrymple of The Loop claims that this is not the case. At least for the time being I think.

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  • Marvin Nakajima

    Normally it is the OS owner that makes the decisions about what is ‘allowed’ to be included on the device when shipped. It is more likely Apple decided on their own to drop Google Maps since they were building their own. Like the YouTube app that was originally on the iOS devices it may have been the case that the Google Maps app was originally written by Apple (Google had no say in ‘upgrading’ those 2 apps, otherwise why create ‘new’ apps for submission to the App Store) with API help from Google.

    I wonder if the new YouTube app will play all the videos on YouTube now (though I doubt it since a large number are still FLV (Flash) formatted opposed to MP4).