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Riots Cease Foxconn Plant Operations, Could Hurt iPhone 5 Production

Reuters is reporting that a riot has broken out Foxconn’s plant in Taiyuan, China. This has forced the company to temporarily shut down their plant so that employees can clean up the damage. The cause of the riot is unclear at this time, but it did involve some 2000 workers. The company is claiming that it started as a personal dispute, while other reports are claiming that guards were beating workers for no good reason. Whatever the case, there was a mess.


Besides the unnecessary physical harm that undoubtedly took place in these riots, the report also notes that the iPhone 5 production line was damaged in the riot. This part of the report has not been confirmed at this time, however.

So, if Apple wasn’t having enough trouble with their image regarding working conditions (which seem to be comparatively very good for Chinese standards), their plant, which manufactures at least some of the components for the iPhone 5 is now offline. It remains to be seen if this will impact production, and if this will lengthen the already long wait times for the device.

Image courtesy of Reuters.

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