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Where to Get LTE Service for Your iPhone 5

IPhone 5

The Verge has compiled all of the locations that offer next-generation LTE service amongst the three major US carriers that offer the iPhone 5. To keep things short, it seems that, as of right now, your best bet for LTE coverage is with Verizon. AT&T seems to be scrambling to build out their LTE service, and my carrier of choice, Sprint, is dead last in this regard.

If LTE service is a determining factor for your upgrade to the iPhone 5, you might want to hold out unless your a Verizon customer, or aren’t afraid to change carriers. This will be a non-issue with time, but for now, is kinda embarrassing for AT&T and Sprint.

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  • Riley

    It’s definitely a good thing to check if certain carriers offer LTE in certain areas. I bought my iPhone from Verizon because one of my DISH coworkers bought a Verizon iPad a few months ago and could use LTE. I use the DISH Remote Access app on my phone, and the speed is okay. I think using LTE to stream my live and recorded shows through the Sling Adapter I have at home will be better. I can’t wait to get my new iPhone 5!