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Turn-by-Turn Navigation Reason for Apple/Google Maps Split

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Since iOS 6 was released last week, there has been many words written regarding the new OS’ built-in Maps. Apple has decided to go with their own in-house mapping solution in favor of Google’s mapping services that they have been using since the iPhone was introduced. AllThingsD is reporting that the split came forth due to Google’s lack of turn-by-turn integration in their mapping service.

Apple reportedly negotiated for voice navigation with Google’s maps, but Google did not want to hand over that much control without some concessions from Apple. Google wanted their branding on the Google Latitude integration and Apple didn’t want that, so the deal went nowhere.

So, with Google and Apple increasing at odds with one other in other markets, and Google collecting what Apple believed was too much information from iOS users, Apple decided to go with their own mapping solution. This allowed them to bring turn-by-turn navigation to their maps, and could remove Google’s mapping service entirely from the OS.

Just earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook released an open letter outlining why they went with their own mapping solution, and admitting that the service is lackluster at the moment. Cook also points to a series of competing products that customers can use on their iOS device if they are unhappy with Apple’s own mapping service at this time.

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