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Duo Gamer Controller for iPhone and iPad

duo gamer

Now here’s an accessory development I could get behind (provided it’s done properly): a Bluetooth gaming controller for iOS devices. With heavy-hitting titles like Bastion, Real Racing 2, and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy available on the iPad, there are a growing number of game-shaped reasons to take Apple’s tablet more seriously as a “hardcore” gaming device. The $80 Duo Gamer controller featured on IGN is a step in the right direction, with two analog sticks, a full d-pad, left and right triggers, and four face buttons. In other words – most of the controls you’d expect on a device like the Sony PS Vita are present on this new iOS-specific controller.

The downside is that only Gameloft games are compatible with the accessory (and even then, it’s only five of them). I’m also not sure I like the look of this $80 controller. It doesn’t look terribly comfortable to hold, and it looks a bit too much like a toy for my tastes. All of the next-gen console controllers are also made of plastic – but they don’t look nearly as cheap as this Duo Gamer does in the product shots. I am still liking this trend of adding physical controls to the iPhone and iPad though.

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