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Here we are, another week has passed and it is time for us to once again promote Apple-related goodies that we think you might be interested in. From week to week we may pick iPhone and Mac accessories, iOS and Mac apps or just about anything else you can think of. Here are the picks for this week:

Posted by AliciaB 

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For my Pick this Week I am singling out an app called TimePal, available both for iPhone and iPad, which solves a complex and frustrating problem in a painless and pleasing way. I realize that this may not be on the needs list of the majority of zillions of iDevice users yet believe me, when you want to schedule a meeting at some time in the future with people in different time zones, you yearn for a painless and pleasurable way to schedule said meeting. For those of us in the trenches who need this tool, TimePal delivers on this promise in a great way.

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The beauty of the app is that it works naturally. You want to add and compare cities side-by-side effortlessly? Check. You want to be flexible and perhaps consider starting earlier or later? Easy using drag-and-drop indicators. You want to jump from date to date? Check. You don’t want to think about when and where Daylight Savings Time starts and ends? Check. Easy on/easy off 12h or 24h clock? Sigh. Check. On top of doing these important basics, it also lets you add meetings to your calendar, send results as a proposal to your business partners by email or simply copy the data result to the clipboard for further use as you please. Well done!

Price: Free and $1.99 for Full Version 

Tilt to Live
Posted by Brandon

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Too often I think we look at iOS apps and games as a here today and replaced tomorrow type of purchase. Or maybe that’s just me. With over 1600 iOS app downloads to my account (1106 iPhone / 495 iPad), I find that I keep a majority of apps around for less time than most Hollywood marriages last. So, for the next few weeks I’m going to go back and highlight some of my favorite games and apps that have made the long term cut. 

This week’s choice is a blast from the past (and still one of the best iOS games available) – Tilt to Live by One Man Left Studios. Originally released in February of 2010 (which is an eternity ago in App Store years) TTL has remained on my iOS devices since it went live – and it’s still a game I pick up and play regularly. In many ways it is the nearly perfect game – it’s always different, you can pick it up and play for 1 minute or an hour, and it’s a challenging (yet still fun) experience. For the uninitiated, TTL is sort of like your worst zombie apocalypse nightmare… only you’re funky looking little mouse cursor thing and there’s no zombies, just these stupid little red dots (the devs must have had horrible childhood nightmares about 7-Up). Incessant, determined, insatiable for arrow blood zombie dots. I won’t ruin it for you … but you aren’t going to win. Ever.

Price: $2.99 for iPhone version, $4.99 for iPad version.

Posted by PatrickJ


Jasmine is described as a full-featured YouTube client for iOS and it’s a great replacement for the ‘missing’ YouTube app in iOS 6. I really don’t miss the built-in YouTube app at all. I found that it rarely streamed videos smoothly and just wasn’t an app I spent much time with at all. 
Jasmine has a beautiful, simple interface and is a real pleasure to use, while offering just about everything the built-in app ever did – playlists, subscriptions, favorites and more. It’s also a lot more solid at actually playing videos, and even remembers where you left off in a video when you switch away and return to the app.
It’s a universal app designed for both iPhone and iPad.
Price: Free

Train Conductor
Posted by Joe Tomasone

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Train Conductor is a cute, simple game that pits your skills in routing trains across a series of train tracks to reach their proper destination. The problem, of course, is that very soon, trains appear on the same track, or have the same destination, and by routing them (by dragging track with your finger) or pausing/restarting them (by tapping on them), you must safely guide each to avoid collisions.

It’s frantic, it’s fun, and right now, it’s free! 

Price: Free for a limited time

Just Type
Posted by Thomas


My pick of the week is Just
Type, a universal note-taking app with iCloud and Dropbox sync
(though the latter requires a paid upgrade). Just Type isn’t the
fastest note app I’ve used, but it is one of the prettiest, and the
simple colour-based categorization system makes it very easy to work
with notes at-a-glance. Your notes database is easy to search,
individual notes are easy to export, and gestures help you navigate
easily from single notes to the overarching list view. Heck, the app
even integrates optional two-finger scrolling right on the keyboard,
which can potentially save quite a lot of time during edits (if you
can get used to the mechanic).

Just Type delivers just what you’d expect and then a little more,
and despite the bevy of other note apps on the App Store, it’s well
deserving of a look.

Price: Free

Posted by Alex Jordan

IMG 0221

With election season in full swing, my pick this week is a little iPad app called 270toWin. This app allows users to view past presidential election results, each state’s voting history, some of the current polls for this year’s election, and even allows you to have some fun (relative term) and make your own electoral college maps.

Granted, this apps shelf life is pretty short, and all of it’s functionality can be perused in a short amount of time, but if you’re a political junkie like me, it’s $0.99 well spent.

Price: $0.99

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