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‘iPad Mini’ Event To Be Held on October 23rd, Focus on iBooks


First off, in a report from AllThingsD, Apple is reportedly set to hold a media event for Tuesday, October 23rd which will focus on the much-rumored “iPad Mini”. The report goes on to note that the location of the event is unconfirmed, but is believed to be held in Apple’s Town Hall auditorium located in their corporate headquarters in Cupertino.

This report was backed up by the ever-well-informed Jim Dalrymple’s famous “yep” confirmation.

In a separate report, The Next Web claims that this rumored media event will heavily focus on iBooks. This makes sense considering that the new iPad mini is likely a market response to smaller tablets such as the Kindle Fire, and an array of Android tablets, but mostly the Kindle line.

This also makes sense considering that Apple held an iBooks, education-based event earlier this year. What better market would their be for a smaller tablet, better suited for smaller fingers, than the education market? That’s not to say this won’t make a great device for the rest of us, but a lower-cost, smaller, iPad would be a great combination with iBooks textbooks.

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