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Images of ‘iPad Mini’ Display Emerge

ETrade Supply has posted several photos of what they believe are legitimate display components destined for the “iPad Mini”, a device that is widely expected to be introduced at next week’s scheduled media event. This display appears to have the same 4:3 aspect ratio as the full-sized iPad we’ve all come to know and love. This display measures at 162mm x 124mm.

Ipad mini display front

Ipad mini display rear

The print on the back of display suggests that LG Display manufactured the part. The text on the ribbon cable that runs from the display is also consistent with labeling seen on genuine Apple parts.

Ipad mini display text

ETrade Supply also posted several photos of the battery that is believed to make it’s way into the iPad mini. This battery seems to be identical to the photos of a battery that MacRumors had previously posted.

Wrapping everything together, Nowhereelse.fr has posted a photo of what they claim is the iPad mini display in quality testing. They received this photo last week, but were not able to verify its authenticity until ETrade Supply posted their photo, which has strong similarities.

Ipad mini display quality testing

Finally, with the rumored launch imminent, serious photos of the iPad Mini’s components are beginning to surface. Perhaps the device is that far behind in manufacturing, as we traditionally see parts leaks well in advance of a launch because Apple has begun to ramp up production.

Images courtesy of ETrade Supply and Nowhereelse.fr.

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