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Rumors Point to November 2nd ‘iPad Mini’ Launch

Ipad mini invite

Several media outlets including MacRumors are now suspecting that the iPad mini will launch on November 2nd. As pointed out in the MacRumors report, Apple’s past track record with product introductions and launches, leads to a reasonable guess of November 2nd.

Apple typically releases their blockbuster mobile devices on Fridays, and are usually available a week and a half after they have been introduced. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This pattern has held true this year however, as the iPhone 5 and iPad (3) was introduced and launched in a similar manner.

The iPad Mini may see a longer wait time, considering it is a new product line. Both the original iPhone and iPad saw significant time gaps between when the product was introduced and later launched. I don’t think this will be the case as Apple is trying to get this device in customer hands for the holiday shopping season.

Report courtesy of MacRumors.

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