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iSource Picks of the Week

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Welcome to another edition of iSource’s weekly list of Apple accessories and apps. This is our little slice of the internet wherein we promote anything Apple-related that has caught our eye and we think our fine audience might like. Without further delay, here is this week’s picks:

Crazy Taxi
Posted by Renkman


My pick this week is Crazy Taxi from SEGA.  If you were a fan of the arcade or Dreamcast version of this timeless classic, you will love the iOS universal version of Crazy Taxi, too.  No matter if you have 5 minutes or an hour to kill, Crazy Taxi is a easy to learn, fast paced, visual delight that is full of traffic jams, and high flying hills, and even the occasional underwater excursion.  

In addition, SEGA has brought back the original soundtrack, too–so you can rock out to The Offspring and Bad Religion just like it was 2000 again!  Or, if you would rather, you can also play music from your own personal collection instead.  This isn’t a one and done game either.  Playing options include Arcade and Original modes where, after selecting one of four different drivers, you have the option to play by Arcade rules, or in increments of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. In addition, there are 16 mini games that you can access through the “Crazy Box” as well.  

With this universal build you pay $5 one time and you can use it across multiple iOS devices.  Game Center is supported for leader board and achievement tracking. However, unlike many newer iOS games, there is currently no iCloud support, so you can’t start on one device and continue on another.  This isn’t as big of a deal as with immersive or strategy games that take longer to complete.  However, it still would be a killer feature to add a later date to go along with the promised future full-screen iPhone 5 support.

Price: $4.99

 It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Posted by PatrickJ

The Great Pumpkin iPad app

This is a superb iPad storybook edition of the Halloween-themed Peanuts classic TV special. It’s narrated by the guy who is the original voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins. The illustrations, other voices, and music are also taken from the original program – so it’s a very faithful rendering of the story.

The same developers released A Charlie Brown Christmas as an iPad app last year and it was one of my favorite apps of the year. This new one is great too. My daughter had seen the Charlie Brown Christmas show on TV but has never seen The Great Pumpkin one – and she loved it and now wants to see the TV special too of course.

The app also has plenty of interactive elements and games to keep older kids more fully engaged.

Price: $4.99

AA USBCell Batteries
Posted by Thomas


My POTW is a little different this time around. It’s not a piece of software, and it’s not a terribly exciting accessory, but I’ve found it to be quite useful for a very specific purpose. I’m referring to the set of $20 AA USBCell batteries that I received for review a while back, while I still wrote for Just Another Mobile Monday.

The USBCell isn’t the cheapest battery on the market and it doesn’t last quite as long as other rechargeable batteries I’ve used (the best being the Sanyo Eneloop), but the ability to charge your batteries straight from your iPhone charger or MacBook is a life-saver. My wireless mouse ran out of battery while I was doing some rather cursor-intensive work at a café, but 15 minutes of charging both batteries in my MacBook’s USB ports gave me enough juice to work for the rest of the afternoon — no extra chargers needed. These batteries are best for niche cases, but when your mouse runs out of battery on the road, you’ll be glad for the ability to charge from any USB port.

Price: $20

SuperTooth Disco 2
Posted by Jay P140207z

Similar to Thomas, I want to highlight an accessory that I reviewed lately here at iSource, the Super Disco 2 wireless bluetooth speaker. This dynamite speaker continues to blow me away with the sound it produces for its size. Not only does it pump out the width and depth of sound, it also remains clear and undistorted at high volume.

I have used the black version in public for the past few weeks to play music before, after, and during breaks while presenting to adult participants. I’ve even had a few people inquire about where I got the Disco 2 – a testament to its impressive sound. If you’re looking for the right balance of portability and sound, do yourself a favor and check out the oddly named, but awesomely sounding wireless bluetooth speaker, Supertooth’s Disco 2.

SuperTooth Disco 2 will be available soon at www.SuperToothStore.com, and more details available here.

Price: $99

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