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On Returning to the Writer Plus for Writing on the iPad

I’m breaking out the ol’ Writer Plus for my iPad writing sprees and putting the Logitech Keyboard Case back in the tech drawer (which is really just a wire basket – but let’s not sweat the small stuff). Both of the iPad keyboards in my possession are excellent, but I’ve spent the lion’s share of my time on the Logitech Keyboard Case, simply because the keyboard is more comfortable, and its basic design leaves very little room for futzing around. There’s just one viewing angle, and only one way to use the device: you set it up and start typing. I’ve been happy with this setup for months and even wrote a quick review update about it, but the Keyboard Case’s bugs have been getting to me lately. The major problem is that the keyboard can sporadically fall asleep and disconnect, leaving me in a lurch for a good 10 or 15 seconds. This has been happening with more and more frequency, and it has been killing the fun of writing on my iPad. So I’ve decided to dig out my Writer Plus and give it another shot.

There are a couple of things about the Writer Plus that I’ve noticed anew. The first is how incredibly and wonderfully stable the package is while set up. Yes, it is possible to pull the magnetized keyboard forward so far out that the entire thing shakes, but as long as the area just under the spacebar is supported, the Writer Plus feels rock solid. I can type and type without shaking my screen, or having the keyboard slip and slide underneath my fingers. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s something that you notice when you’re used to having Logitech’s keyboard slide on glass and wooden surfaces.

The removable keyboard is still a bit of a strange bird though. It’s a great idea, it looks incredibly cool, and it’s very easy to attach and detach…but it doesn’t seem to have been thought out very well. None of adonit’s own videos seem to highlight this feature, and whenever I’ve tried to use the keyboard on a desk, it slips and slides around far too much to be of much use (ironic, given the previous paragraph, I know). The keyboard is also difficult to use as a standalone device because the embedded power switch requires a pin to reach. I want very badly to find a way to use this feature just because I find it so fascinating, but I’m probably treating it more like a puzzle I’m trying to solve, instead of a feature that simply wasn’t realized properly.

However, the major reason I’ve moved back to adonit’s Writer Plus is because it delivers beautifully on its promise. It’s a comfortable keyboard hidden inside of a fetching red folio, and it’s doing a far better job of staying connected than my Logitech Keyboard Case.

Oh, and in case you’re considering purchasing your own, the Writer Plus is also a little more affordable now. It debuted at $100, but is now available for $80 in black, or $85 in red or turquoise.

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  • Najroen

    it detaches in case you would like to just use it as a folio case. When you, for example, know you’re just going to use it as a book, or for gaming.