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Evernote Adding Menu Bar Helper Back in Skitch App, Never Should’ve Removed It

Skitch Menu Bar

Here’s some good news from the Evernote blog site a few days ago: they are adding back the Menu Bar Helper in their Skitch for Mac app.

We have some exciting news for our Skitch for Mac users today. The latest update (2.0.2) includes a Skitch Menu Bar Helper which lets you take screenshots and use keyboard shortcuts even when Skitch isn’t running.

Skitch is a very handy little graphics utility app, that lets you take quick screen grabs, add text and arrows and more to images, and easily / automatically have Skitch images added to Evernote (if you have it installed).

The Menu Bar Helper used to let you take a quick screenshot right from the Mac menu bar – until Evernote removed it. I have no idea why they removed it, since I always found it was easily the most common way I used Skitch. I think it was a bad call and I’m glad to see they’ve quickly reversed the decision – and I imagine that may be at least partly due to outcry from users.

Honestly, I’m not sure I like what Evernote is doing with Skitch since they bought it; so far I can say I much preferred the app prior to Evernote’s updates to it.

The update with the Menu Bar Helper added back in is available already at the Evernote site, but has not yet hit the Mac App Store.

Do we have many Skitch users here? If so, what do you think of the latest updates to the app?

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