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‘iPad Mini’ to Bolster Apple’s Education Presence with Help of iBooks 3.0


It has been previously reported that Apple will be focusing on the education market with the introduction of the iPad mini. It was also reported that Apple would focus on their iBooks offerings. Bloomberg Businessweek has now outlined Apple’s efforts in this market, and that education will indeed be a theme of tomorrow’s event.

The report notes that Apple is aware of school budgets and those same institutions desire to obtain more engaging technology. This has led to a shift in school buying practices.

In other related news, The Digital Reader has noted that a handful of titles are showing up in the iBookstore noting that they meet Apple’s new, unannounced requirements for iBooks 3.0 (something yet to announce). So it would seem that Apple will be announcing a new version of iBooks at tomorrow’s event as well. Considering that Apple just released iBooks 2 in January, it would seem that Apple is rushing to gain a foothold in the education market.

I’ve said this before, but it still holds true. Apple is trying to hook a new generation on their devices, so as they grow up, and go to college and then become professionals, they will likely continue to purchase Apple products. If everything works as it should, this should guarantee Apple continued sales as time moves forward.

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