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Pocket for Mac Hit the Mac App Store this Week

Pocket for Mac

Pocket is one of two superb offline reading apps for iOS devices, along with Instapaper. This week Pocket for Mac was released on the Mac App Store – so those of us who use it on the iPad and / or iPhone now have a desktop companion app for it.

This has been a bit of crazy week of new releases, so I have installed Pocket for Mac but only spent fleeting bits of time with it so far.

My initial impression is that it looks good – it’s pretty basic looking in terms of UI, but it’s really just great to see a desktop version. For me it may prove very helpful as a storage point for content I want to write opinion pieces about, or just comment about. I do the bulk of my news reading on the iPad.When something interests me in the Reeder RSS app and I want to do something about it later on I just star it and look back on it in Google Reader on my MacBook Pro. But I use a lot of other sources outside of Reeder and RSS these days and when something catches my eye in those other sources I tend to save things to either Pocket or Instapaper.

So the new Pocket for Mac app might make Pocket an even bigger part of my workflow for researching writing topics.

I’m sure we must have lots of Pocket users here – are you using Pocket for Mac yet?

Here’s a Mac App Store link for Pocket; it’s a free app.

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