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iSource Picks of The Week: iPad Mini Media Event Edition

We had such an exciting week here at iSource, that we had to push back our weekly Picks of the Week post. So, here we are, and many of our contributors have expressed what they believe are the most exciting things announced at the iPad Media event held on Tuesday.

The New iMac
Posted by Joe

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What caught my interest the most during the event was the new iMac.   It’s stunning, and for the first time, I’ve been idly daydreaming of ways to justify tossing my perfectly usable PC and getting it.   I’m also thinking that it’s time to upgrade my iPad 2 to a 4th Gen, given how addicted I am to the iPhone 5’s incredible speed. 

As to the iPad mini, it may find it’s way into my oldest’s hands for Christmas… But ssssh… Don’t tell her.


iPad Mini
Posted by AliciaB

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My Pick of the Apple Announcement Heap is the iPad mini. What can I say that has not already been said? The more-than-7-just-under-8-inch size and form factor, pointed lack of retina display, A5-instead-of-A6 chip, the unsatisfactory price point. Bla bla bla. It is what it is. A mighty fine smaller iPad that is perfectly capable of delivering the same unique user experience as its bigger brother/sister er sibling. Beautiful design, superbly executed, fantastic out-of-the-box functionality and app coverage. It will do well, very well. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands for the first time. I sincerely hope that wait will not be too long. Who doesn’t love the iPad mini “Piano” ad? http://youtu.be/l5J908SxAgA 

iPad Mini
Posted by Brandon

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I’m joining Alicia – the iPad Mini announcement is the one I’ve been waiting for since the first iPad announcement. I’ve gone through the Nook Color, Kindle Fire, Dell Streak, and multiple other devices looking for the right size and experience but I’ve yet to find it. I love my iPad, but I don’t like holding it for long periods (never found it to be a good weight for books) and frankly in lots of instances the overall size prevents me from using it when I normally would since it really isn’t carry it everywhere friendly. I own a Kindle (e-ink) and while it’s great for books it sucks for PDFs and really anything that isn’t a book. My hope is that the iPad Mini is the ‘in between’ device I’ve been waiting for. Still big enough to take notes, browse the web, email and all those other tasks we love our iPads for … but still small enough to go with me everywhere and hold for long periods reading. The only fear I have is how long Apple will support the A5 chip.

iPad Mini
Posted by PatrickJ

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I’m all about the iPad, so of course the iPad Mini is right at the top of my list too. Like Brandon, I’ve tried both generations of the Kindle Fire and found it a mostly disappointing experience. The extra .9 inches and 35% extra overall display size looks like it may make all the difference in terns of how capable the iPad Mini is. 
But … for me, the iPad Mini is my joint favorite new device announced on Tuesday. The Mac Mini is my other favorite, and No it is not just because they both have Mini in their name. Right now, I use my MacBook Pro very much like a desktop in my home office, and it very rarely leaves my desk. I’m not looking to upgrade my Mac just now, but I am thinking that when I do the new Mac Mini is my likely choice. It has lower specs than the current gen MacBook Pros but the only one I’d need to upgrade would be RAM and through 3rd parties that won’t cost a lot. The iPad has become my go-to device for when I’m out of the house/office – so a Mac Mini looks like a good option for my office PC whenever the MBP gets too long in the tooth. 
I was also tempted by the 21 inch iMac, but the fact that you can’t upgrade its RAM put me off.

iPad 3 Compared to iPad 4
Posted by Thomas
What I wanted to address this week was this sentiment that Apple’s 4th-gen iPad somehow renders the previous one obsolete. From what I can tell, the third generation iPad didn’t receive a huge speed bump — or any speed bump — when compared to the iPad 2, but it’s still plenty fast. It’s also still supported by the current version of iOS. So while it may not be the latest and greatest thing any more, the fact that it’s still supported by Apple on the software and hardware end of things renders the issue moot. There isn’t a contract you sign with purchase that guarantees a year at the top of the tablet food chain, and having the iPad’s specs bumped mid-year actually might show that it’s being treated a little more like a computer (MacBooks tend to get refreshes every six months or so). I’d understand if iOS were as fragmented as Android and a new device release meant a bunch of new features (see: any major Android release) that are simply unavailable to third-gen owners…but that simply isn’t the case, so I don’t see what all the fuss is about. 

13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro
Posted by Alex Jordan
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The redesigned iMac certainly interests me. The family iMac that currently lives in the family room is aging quickly. It is the first iMac introduced with an aluminum enclosure, way back in 2007. So, yeah, it needs to be updated, and this new iMac looks like a good upgrade.
The machine that interested me the most, believe it or not, was the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. As I’ve pointed out, the iPad Mini really doesn’t turn my crank at this point. Perhaps it will in the future. Anyway, in a few years, after my MacBook Air has reached the end of it’s useful life, I will seriously consider purchasing a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. For my graphic design work, I can always use as much power as I can afford. By then I suspect the average cost of the Retina MacBook line will go down, and SSD storage will be greater and cheaper than what is currently offered. In fact, in a few years I would wager that the old optical drive-equipped MacBook Pros will go away entirely. When that happens, I’ll likely spring for a 13-inch Retina model.

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