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Apple Sells Out of iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock

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When Apple made the iPad mini available for preorder early Friday, the white model sold out within a mater of minutes. However, the black model managed to hang around a bit longer. That is, until today.

Apple’s online store is now quoting a two week shipping timeframe for new orders placed for both the white and black Wi-Fi only models. As for the cellular-capable models, the shipping timeframe for those devices are still being quoted for “Mid-November” in the United States. Other countries are being quoted a “Late November” shipping timeframe for the cellular models.

There is still hope, if you’re planning in purchasing the iPad mini when it becomes available. The device officially launches this Friday, November 2nd, with Apple retail stores opening at 8:00AM local time to accommodate the launch.

For what it’s worth, the fourth-generation iPad also launches this Friday. As with the iPad mini, the cellular models are set to be introduced in the mid-to-late November timeframe. As for the Wi-Fi only model, in most markets those devices are showing a one week shipping estimate for new orders.

It would seem that Apple is using all of it’s manufacturing might to meet holiday demand. I do have one question, as to why the white iPad mini sold out first. Is that because more people ordered the white iPad mini, or the fact that Apple knew demand for the black model would be higher and thus had more on hand? I would guess the former, but perhaps Apple is trying to guess customer taste.

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