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Apple Notifying Customers of iTunes Match Renewals in the US


With the one year anniversary of the launch of iTunes Match coming up, Apple is sending out emails reminding users who signed up for the service, that their credit cards will be charged for $24.99 on November 14 for the next year’s worth of service. Here is that email text in full:

Continue to enjoy your entire music collection in iCloud on your iOS devices, iTunes, and Apple TV. iTunes Match stores not only your songs purchased on the iTunes Store, but all of the other great music you have acquired over the years, including music from CDs. 

This is just a reminder that your subscription for iTunes Match will automatically renew on 11/14/12 and you will be charged $24.99 at that time. To view your subscription or change your auto-renewal settings, sign in to iTunes on your computer and go to your Account Information page.

iTunes Match allows customers with music they obtained from other sources such as CDs to use their content with iCloud. The service scans your library and matches it with the songs that live on Apple’s servers. If your song doesn’t exist on the iTunes server, it will upload your copy to be used with iCloud.

If you’re thinking about subscribing to the service, or canceling your subscription, you can find all of the details in Apple’s support document.

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