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iTunes Accepting Donations for Sandy Relief

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Late yesterday Apple launched a page [iTunes Link] on the iTunes Store accepting donations to the American Read Cross toward Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. The donation page is accessible on both the iOS and desktop versions of the iTunes Store, gives users the opportunity to donate at $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200 levels.

Apple will be transferring 100% of each donation to the American Red Cross. This gives users the convenience of being billed to their iTunes account while helping others. Apple currently has 400 million credit card-holding accounts on the iTunes Store, this means a tremendous amount of money could be headed toward the relief effort.

This is not an unprecedented move for Apple. They offered similar donation programs when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March of 2011, and the Haitian earthquake in January 2010.

I normally stay out of anything that smacks of politics or morals in my writings here, but I will jump in just this once. With Apple doing this, it  proves that events supersede profits and politics. In the last few days, I’ve been amazed at the organization of government, corporations, first responders, and even citizens affected by the storm. This proves to me, no matter how bored, tired, or even complacent we all get with life from time to time, we’re all going to make it after all. Fantastic stuff.

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