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Evernote 5 for iOS Coming “Very Soon”

It was only last night that I got my hands on the latest Evernote 5 beta on the Mac and droned on about how I wanted the company to clean up iPad version in a similar manner. Well, lo and behold, they’ve actually done just that – and not to just the iPad app, but to both the iPhone and iPad versions of Evernote (even though the iPhone version worked pretty well). Evernote 5 for iOS is coming “very soon”, and they’ve released a teaser video that highlights the major changes.

All of my notes and recipes just two taps away on brand-spanking new iPad mini? A dynamic UI without all of the clutter of the current iPad app? Yes, please! You can bet we’ll be covering this when it’s released. Now how many hours is it until “very soon”?

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