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The iPad mini Simulator

Even though the general consensus is that most iPad apps run beautifully on the mini, I’m sure that some people will still want to test this for themselves before buying a $329 tablet. You can head to a the Apple Store for some hands-on time, but it can be difficult to see how your favourite apps will run on the mini, unless Apple has them already installed on the display units.

Luckily, John Gruber wrote about an excellent way of turning your current iPad into an iPad mini simulator. All you have to do is take a screenshot of your favourite app, head to photos, and rotate it (as shown above). I’ve tested this method on my iPad mini, and it’s a pretty good approximation of how legible a 9.7-inch-optimized app will appear on a 7.9″ screen. The bonus is that the mini’s screen is actually larger than the “simulator” would have you believe, so there’s a little more wiggle room on Apple’s smaller tablet.

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