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Review: The Toddy Gear Wedge

Since I reviewed the Toddy Cloth, it has remained in my bag, ready to do battle with the forces of evil – fingerprints, face marks, and whatever else befalls my iDevices.    The Toddy Cloth is a fantastic product for cleaning pretty much any glass surface (and now I am including laptop screens as well), but it suffers from the one Achilles heel that all cleaning cloths do – it can be tough to get a hold of to do the job properly.     It also is inherently useless when not in use, which isn’t a problem, per se, but something that Toddy Gear likely had in mind when they created the Wedge.

The Wedge is essentially a Toddy Cloth stuffed with micro beads and stitched into a wedge shape – so it maintains the same antimicrobial cleaning properties of the Toddy Cloth, but in a shape that not only holds up your iPhone or iPod, but which makes it easier to hold itself as well; it’s essentially a Toddy Cloth beanbag in a wedge shape.

Like the Toddy Cloth, it has both a plush microfiber cloth surface on one side and a silk microfiber surface on the other.   As I noted in the review of the Toddy Cloth, most cleaning products recommend that you use a plush microfiber cloth for initial cleaning and a silk microfiber cloth for buffing and polishing,

In my testing, I found it easier to clean the iPhone’s screen with the Wedge than with the Toddy Cloth – and much, much easier to clean larger screens like the iPad and laptop screens.  This is mostly due to the fact that the Wedge offers much more surface area than you can reasonably produce with your fingers and a cloth.   Its suitability to clean the iPad is ironic, since the Wedge will not support the iPad – it’s much to tall and heavy.

If there is one inherent flaw in The Wedge, it’s the fact that its shape makes it too awkward to pack in my tech bag to bring with me.   And so, I’ve now resigned myself to cleaning at home with the Wedge, and using the Toddy Cloth on the road.   I’d love to see Toddy Gear come out with a hybrid – a flat, filled square or rectangle – that would combine the easy handling of the Wedge with the portability of the Toddy Cloth. 


In any case, the Wedge is quite possibly the perfect blend of stand (for your iPhone or iPod) and cleaning tool (for all of your screens).    It is available in over 25 different colorful styles  at www.toddygear.com or www.amazon.com for $14.99.





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