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Former MobileMe Members Being Notified of New iCloud.com Email Options


As Apple began to shutter it’s MobileMe service over the summer in favor of their new(ish) iCloud service. Former MobileMe members using me.com or even mac.com email addresses will now also receive equivalent iCloud.com email addresses.

This transition has been ongoing since Apple folded up the service in July. This transition seems to have completed and Apple is now notifying former MobileMe members of the new email address options. Here is that email text in full:

All new iCloud Mail accounts now come with an @icloud.com email address. As an existing user, we’d like to offer you this new address as well. We have reserved [MobileMe user name]@icloud.com for you, and you can now use this address with your iOS devices and computers by following these simple instructions. 

If you prefer, you can continue to use your current email address just as you always have. 

No matter which address you use, you’ll continue to receive all your mail, whether it’s sent to your @me.com, @mac.com, or @icloud.com address

So that is that. Apple has decided to get their MobileMe days behind them as fast as possible. They’re even trying to cleanse the user base of the me.com addresses, or so it seems.

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